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WoWlicious might be a new name but we are certainly not new in WoW private servers. In fact we have operated for 3 years, longer than any existing WoW private servers, that has gained extensive WoW game hosting experience. WoWlicious has accumulated thousands of custom gears, items, breath-taking shopping centers, hi-level instances, custom leveling areas, and much more. With the already biggest customization in WoW private servers, WoWlicious continues its development and steady growth with creativity and uniqueness in delivering the most enjoyable WoW playing experience.

WoWlicious is a Free Private WoW server consisting of 5 unique realms to choose from (Nexus Funserver, Black Temple, Karazhan, Frostmourne and our beta PvP funserver- Shattarath). Play THE Original and only LVL254 FUNSERVER and acquire free epic and custom legendary items for free! See more details of our realms

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